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Implementing SCM solutions

- Providing a training for Vinflux Suite  


- Analyzing an As-is Process

- Designing a To-be Process

- Implementing customization through

  a Gap analysis

- Implementing system interface

- Testing for users and integration

- Performing and inspecting for a Go





Maintenance & Support​

- System Maintenance

- Technical Support

- Operating personnel support

- System Audit


Consulting for SCM​

- Establishing logistics strategy

- Streamlining warehouse operations


- Optimizing a Logistics network

- Logistics Performance Management

- Streamlining logistics organization


Vinflux supports for SCM(Supply Chain Management) consulting, developing solution, maintenance and technical support.

And also Vinflux has consultants who have various experience in conducting SCM consulting project and developing solution systematically in WMS and SCM solution as stated below.


- Exceed 4000 ( EXE technologies )

- Infor WMS 9.x ( Infor )

- Lepsilon Suite 7.x, 8.x ( EXE c&t )

- Demand Forecasting, Collaborate, Fulfillment 7.x ( JDA )



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