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Eugine superfreeze logistics system

기간 : 2017.12 ~ 2019.02 

Main Consignor :  3PL customers 

Developed WMS developing project for SK planet 11th street's retail logistics BPO. 

Period : 2016.01 ~ 2016.04

Main consignor : SK planet 11th street

SK Planet Fashion O2O 'and projects (PROJECT ANNE)' Service Logistics WMS implementation project.
Date: May 17, 2016 - September 30th 2016
Major shippers: SK Planet Project Anne Services

With the next-generation MD system replacement of Lotte Mart, Vinflux conducts the project on transforming the existing interface connected with WMS(Exceed) and changing internal WMS logic (7 centers).

Period: 2015.11 ~ 2016.04

Main consignor : Lotte Mart

Supported the WMS developing project for Pantos Logistics(FNS USA) warehouse in Canada.


Period: 2015.06 ~ 2015.11

Main consignor : Faceshop etc.               

Developed integrated logistics solution which includes order management, warehouse management, transportation management, analysis for distribution costs, performance

management, client portal for 9000 CU convenience store and 22 logistics centers.

Period: 2014.06 ~ 2015.06

Main consignor : BGF Retail

Vinflux has been making an effort to improve customer’s business environment as stated below and develop systems to create customer’s value based on our employees’ long-term experience and skills in the field of SCM.


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